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Inspiration & friends

These people are my friends and inspiration and keep me going when I feel run out on paint fuel.
They inspire me with their art and keep me lifted with funny conversations. I always appreciate their critiques and advice on my work :)
Thank you guys! <3

:icontituslunter: :iconmarktarrisse: :iconelsakroese: :iconobsessedkitten: :iconjameszapata: :iconjohnsilva: :iconzombiesandwich: :iconbrotherostavia: :iconalejandro-mirabal: :iconworksofheart: :iconwolkenfels: :iconnadiavanderdonk: :iconmyrmirada: :iconzephyri: :iconartbatter: :icondamaimikaz:


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TY for the llama!
Mon Apr 14, 2014, 1:55 PM
Thanks for the llama >u<
Fri Apr 11, 2014, 3:01 PM
Thank you for the llama!
Fri Apr 11, 2014, 3:00 PM
Thanks heaps. Awesome gallery!
Thu Apr 10, 2014, 5:48 AM
Thank you for Llama:)
Tue Apr 1, 2014, 2:19 PM
very colorful webcam image or artwork ... :love:
Mon Mar 31, 2014, 1:34 AM
THANKS for the llama!
Fri Mar 28, 2014, 1:29 PM
Thanks for the llama!
Fri Mar 28, 2014, 12:06 PM
thanks for the Llama!
Fri Mar 28, 2014, 12:36 AM
Ditto all these people. THANKS!
Thu Mar 27, 2014, 2:00 PM
thank you, but still confused anyway..
Thu Mar 27, 2014, 11:39 AM
thanks for the llama, still confused anyway...
Thu Mar 27, 2014, 11:38 AM
Thank you for llama <3
Thu Mar 27, 2014, 1:06 AM
Yay for llamas, thank you ^^
Wed Mar 26, 2014, 12:13 PM
thanks for the LLAMA!!~ :3
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Chocoholic by prosaix Careful when commenting by prosaix I support ignoring by prosaix Girl-Gamer Stamp by BowChickaBowWow .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot Stop Smudge Tool Abuse by alaska-is-a-husky I support washing hands by endlessweek Dexter Stamp by Sergeant-McFluffers Don't even go there -repost- by Starmutt Red Dead Redemption stamp by 5-3-10-4 'Notes make me feel special' stamp by Synfull I'M LUCKY - stamp by pallottili Groups overload by prosaix Stalking is Love Stamp by SanguineEpitaph Sheldon Cooper Stamp by PsychoMonkeyShogun

Handing out a private 1 hour artwork feedback session with the person that hits my 222.222th pageview :D 

65 deviants said yay!! I want this!!
33 deviants said Totally trolling the refresh button for the next days/hours now :P
22 deviants said But that's a few thousand away!! (Trust me it goes quick {about 500-1000 PV a day} ... and 222.222 is a special number to me ^^)
We are with many though yet we are with few. We're all divided over little subgroups such as, fantasy illustrators, concept artists, comic book pencilers, photomanipers, techartists, anime drawers, realism sketchers etc. You might even find your place at multiple sections.
I found that the biggest united groups on Deviant Art are mostly evolved around fan art, such as Sonic, or My little pony. 

Observations aside, I think the good thing about those groups is that they serve for companionship. Being an artist all by yourself with no one to share/talk about/discuss your work with can feel rather lonely. And that lonely feeling is not encouraging at all. Most of us  keep a lot of things taboo as well, like techniques or rates. If we were more openly with these the changes of being underpaid or missing out on a job because someone else does it for hardly any money at all will grow slimmer. People should know what they are worth and not be afraid to ask for it.

When I joined Deviant Art a mere 7 years ago people seemed more active and encouraging than now a days. I often visit pages from people who get hardly or no interaction and that saddens me. Some say Deviant Art is getting really big and therefore it gets harder and harder to be noticed. I say, Deviant Art is getting really big which should make it easier and easier to find like-minded people around to interact with.  

Some art websites that sank.

Edge of the Earth by TitusLunter

:bulletblue: CG Hub just announced yesterday, after being offline for a while longer that they've giving up on the website and it no longer exists. 

:bulletblue: has been a shipwreck barely floating for a while after some years of artist bashing and witch hunts and business scandals, who still likes to be part of that?

:bulletblue: is pretty new and still going, but the best of the concept art industry has left due to business scandals as well. Most of you don't know the story others simply don't care. 

:bulletblue: CGSociety has flaws, and mostly serves as a place where you can find online art courses. Their art- forums are not much alive.

So unless I've missed something, Deviant Art clearly stands the winner as one of the oldest most innovative art website around. Did you know it was Deviant Art who first came up with personalized pages, emoticons and many more such things that other social media now use as well. 

The Fox by Zephyri

Now here is a list of good things you'll have when giving other artists and their work well deserved attention.
:bulletpurple: Giving feedback can result in getting feedback yourself.

:bulletpurple: Supporting others can gain support for yourself.

:bulletpurple: Socializing and discussing topics with other artists will give you more insights and knowledge about art.

:bulletpurple: Knowing other artists will give you understanding which you might not find from face to face friends who are no artists. 

:bulletpurple: Sticking up for each other will make us stronger as a group.

:bulletpurple: Learning together is more beneficial in many ways than learning alone. 

:bulletpurple: As a freelance artist, being friends with other freelancers can keep you in the loop for possible opportunities. 

:bulletpurple: Other artists can help you get inspired. So try and be an inspiration yourself :D

:bulletpurple: Other artists can cheer you up when you are bummed out. (So it's kind to do the same for them.)

:bulletpurple: If we want to keep art websites we'd have to infest in themb y spending time and effort into it to keep them alive. You cannot do that by yourself we will all need to unite for that.

:bulletpurple: When artists unite you have a bigger chance on setting up cool projects together that you wouldn't be able to manage alone.

SKETCH_11012013 by donmalo

Things that may only harm your reputation and chance on being respected as an artist.

:bulletyellow: Bashing another artist with false or hurtful claims. Who are you to judge their methods of work?

:bulletyellow: Be open for other people's opinions, you can share yours but you must respect someone else's as well.

:bulletyellow: Being rude will help you with nothing.

Now lets go out there and unite, inspire and learn! :D
Here are a few places online that will help you with that too!

Super Speedpaint funtimes.

Livestream status list. (also showing a few hangout and a link to the Crimson dagger forum.)


The Crimson Dagger forums.

Concept art sessions.

Dont forget the contest! (deadline may 16 2014)  Big contest!Hi there!
I'm doing a Caldyra creature design contest for those who want to and have the time :)
:bulletred: 1st place: 
- 3 month premium membership.
- A book send from amazon. ( Color  & Light by James gurney. Or other if you already own this one)
-Your concept will be featured in the Caldyra artbook with full credits.
- Journal feature.
:bulletred: 2nd place:
- 1 month premium membership.
- Your concept will be featured in the Caldyra artbook with full credits.
- Journal feature.
:bulletred: 3rd place:
-1 month premium membership.
-Your concept will be featured in the Caldyra artbook with full credits.
- Journal feature.
:bulletred: 4th to 10th:
- Your concept will be featured in the Caldyra artbook with full credits.
- Journal feature.
:bulletblue: How to win this?
It's simple! Make a sketch for the following topic...
In my artbook Caldyra. There is a mystical creature known in common tongue by Skyworm.


I will be handing out a 1 hour free feedback session to the person that catches my 222.222 kiriban (which is reaaaallly soon) I will do the same for the next, 333.333 kirban :)

Here are my artist self help journals.
Are you being honest with yourself?As part of becoming good at something you need to be able to reflect upon yourself. Judge your own abilities and work and consider the possibility that what ever you have been doing it wrong all along. Or perhaps you're actually being to hard on yourself and you're better than your conscious is telling you. (This is bad too because it leads to insecurities.)

Signs that you might overestimate your current skills.
Do you often feel these things when you look upon work from good artists?:
I can totally do this too.
This is not so hard, I can do this faster.
My work is way more interesting.
It's not fair that this person gets way more attention than I do.
Why am I not being recognized for my skills.
This other technique is cheating! (photo-bashing, using reference, filters, effects etc)
I don't need to draw and learn all day to become this good.
I spend 2 hours on a painting, Masterpiece!!
Signs that you might underestimate your skills.
Do you ofte
  When someone brings your art down...Putting our art out there makes us very vulnerable, especially when you've made something close to your heart. Perhaps something of your own fantasy, a story, a fan fiction your passionate about?
As much as most of us really want to improve, we also simply want to make art because we love it and when we share it there is a slight hope there is someone out there who will love it too.
There are all kinds of ways other people can bring you down by saying something about your art, or by doing nothing at all! Perhaps YOU are even part of making someone feel down and you're not realizing it!

:bulletblue: The harsh critique.
This person might want to help you or simply likes to bring you down. In either case this person will write in length about your lack of technique, uniqueness and/or skill. 
:bulletred: Respond option: Thanks but no thanks! Tell this person you appreciate the time spend on their post, but you rather hear constructive critique instead
  How to deal with or get feedback.Getting feedback or critiques may be hard for people.
Some people want it really bad but can't seem to get it, at least not from the people he/she is hoping for.
And other get it all the time but feel a little attacked or bullied by it.
Pretty much anyone with eyes and some intelligence is able to spot mistakes or irregularities in someone's work. This person doesn't have to be more skilled than you. 
However, this person... might be wrong.... 
:bulletpurple: How do you judge a critique?
You initially made your artwork according to the knowledge you currently have. Leaving room for mistakes in the elements you're not trained or knowledgeable in. Or perhaps you think you know something and you are not aware that it's wrong.
When someone gives you feedback, even though it might feel incorrect. Take a little time to do some extra research on the matter. 
:bulletblue: You can ask others if they agree with someone's  feedback.
:bulletblue: You can search online (wit
  So tired of not achieving what you want?So tired of not achieving what you want?

Everyone has something they really want dearly, a career, to have a certain loved one, to be able to make certain things...
The most common one among us artist are:
- I want to be able to draw better
- I want to be able to draw like "this"person.
- I want to earn money with my drawing.
- I want to be able to draw what I imagine in my head.
- I want more people to appreciate my art.
- I want more feedback from artists I admire.
- I want more..
- I want better....
All this wanting.. dreaming of... hoping for.
How about doing it!! With these sort of "wants", it's a matter of DOING IT!
How? You ask?
There are many ways, but the usual and only answers to those desires are: 
- Spend the most time you have on drawing/painting.
- Go and ask people for help, it is okay to do so!
- Look at that amazing artwork and try and figure out how this person made it, perhaps he/she will tell you? Perhaps this person has made a video or tutoria
  Avoid getting ripped off by a client.As a freelancer most of your business takes place online, which makes it really easy
for people to rip you off. How many times have we seen the following scenario's:
1- Someone offers a descent payment for your artwork but wants you to do an art-test first.
after the art-test you're being told you're not good enough. Later you find out that other people
got to do different art-test topics and also weren't good enough. The client clearly ripped people off to get free artwork.
2- Someone offers good money for your artwork. The sketch gets approved so you continue working. Right when it's done the total image suddenly becomes a great disappointment and the client ends up not paying you.
These were just 2 examples of situations that happen a lot to freelancers. There are many more like it.
:bulletblue: How to detect if a client is a bit fishy...
Does their email address look professional? Some legit people may use their Gmail address, with their real name or nickname, those are questionabl
  Where to get started before you can apply for workThere is no such thing as suddenly knowing when you are ready to turn your
passion into your profession. But there is a way of measuring your chances on being
able to get work and eventually sustain a living from it.
Accepting commissions or freelance for low payment won't help you. You can think any penny counts, but it will lower the worth of your work and damage the market.
:bulletblue: How to measure that you are ready?
You probably have high goals, but they are usually not your first step. You must search out the clients who can be that first step. Often found in the card game industry, book cover illustrations and smaller game company's. 
Look at the artwork shown by a company such as the card game company: Fantasy Flight games. Compare your skills with the average of their artworks. If it matches yours, you will have a chance. However, keep in mind that those artworks had been done in a limited timeframe, usually within 12 hour
  What do do as an artist in training.There are many ways to Rome they say. But I find most aspiring artists lost and asking me for guidance
and this is what I tell them.
Find out for yourself what you really want to do with art, there are so many different professions.
Graphic designer, Concept artist (mobile and high end), Illustrator of bookcovers, or card games.
Once you can make your pick, or at least pick 1 or 2 you must find the best work on the market in those fields. 
Find out what makes the best art of your favorite field the best art. What do they paint? How do they paint it? With knowing this you can find out about the things you need to study.
The most basic study aims are the following:
:bulletblue: Lighting.
What forms of light art there? And how does it influence things?
The book Color and Light by James Gurney will give you a lot of insight.
:bulletblue: Shapes.
How do you paint shapes? How do you light them the right way?
You will learn a l
  Fast lane to becoming a better artist.I often get this very question: How did you get this good this fast?

Now as I consider myself not being as good as people tell me, even struggling quite often with being an artist in general. 
I do know how to get better and how to reach it fast. I'm still growing as I go and it's the main thing that keeps me going.
You need to get into the right mindset and the rest will follow. With the rest I mean:
1. Willpower.
2. Endurance.
3. Positive energy.
4. The NEED to draw.
:bulletblue: Seeing growth in your work gives you the courage to work harder. You know that feeling when you're just about done with an image
and feel like this image is better than your last one, that great feeling. Use it!
:bulletblue: Do studies! Lots of them!! Make film shot studies, live object studies, master-painting studies. They will teach you a lot about composition, lighting, colors, shapes storytelling etc. 
You will hardly notice that you are learning thing


Suzanne Helmigh
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Livestream channel:

Occupation: Concept artist.

Skype: Suzanne Helmigh (Feel free to add me.)
Do you livestream?
Yes I do! Follow me on facebook to get a message to see when I'm online.
You can find my livestream here:

Do you take on commissions?
Yes! Send me a note.

Paypal Stamp by artist4com

Can I use your work for commercial purposes?
Yes but you'll have to pay for the commercial rights. There are a few works however, made for clients and those can not be used or licensed. Please email me so we can talk about the usage and the rights that come along with it.

Can I use your work for non commercial purposes?
Yes. You can use it for your own Youtube videos or school projects, the only thing I ask is that you credit me.

What is Caldyra?
It's an artbook I'm working on and will Kickstart later this year. Every form of support is incredibly appreciated!
Here you'll find out more:

How much hours per day did you spend when you were beginning?
8-16 hours, and still am :D I started 4 years ago.

What brushes do you recommend to use when you are a beginner?
There are no special beginner brushes, I'd say use ALL the cool brushes you can find! And experiment.

How much hours per day did you spend when you were starting in concept art?
Same 8-16 hours a day ^^

What books do you recommend to read?
Color & Light by James Gurney
Pictorial Composition by Henry Rankin Poore
Figure drawing for all it's worth by Andrew Loomis
Constructive anatomy by George B. Bridgman

Should I practice in b/w or in colour when beginning?
Practice both. Black and white studies will help you learn about values alone, colors will help you with both.

Is there any secret in holding the tabletīs pen?
Mmmh, In your preferred writing hand, without putting to much pressure on it. (too much pressure will damage the pentip quicker and will deform your fingers!)

Should I practice traditional drawing instead of digital only?
Do Both! I personally do a lot fo traditional when I'm out of the house, in a cafe or in a train etc.
At home I mainly do digital.

Which program do you recommend to use? (painter, photoshop, etc)
I personally use Photoshop cs 6. And occasionally Artrage for the nice paint tools to make a nice finish.

Do you use the smudge tool or is it all brush?
99.98% brush.. occasionally experiment with the smudge tool, as apparently you can do amazing soft gradients with it!

Dimensions to sketch?
2000px minimum (X & Y) for sketching.
4000 px minimum (X & Y) for finished rendering.

Do you trace for sketching a picture?
Never. However I do look up reference material to look at when I'm not certain about angles/muscles/colors etc. But no tracing.

When drawing an internet photo, do you form your palette with the eyedropper tool or by seeing the photo?
When doing a photostudy I copy the colors by looking at it. However, years and years ago I trained with color picker. I think that as a beginner artist, using the color picker can teach you a great deal when you pay good attention to it. Eventually you don't need it anymore.


Portrait commission.
Paypal Stamp by artist4com
(Limited availability.) I prefer payment through paypal instead.
For 8000 points or 100 dollar you get one character image in this quality:
Street civilians by Suzanne-Helmigh


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